American Products: Shipping to Colombia

shipping to colombiaShipping to Colombia

American retailers like Apple, Nike, and Amazon sell their products around the world. However, many consumers don’t realize that these online retailers charge international customers much more than Americans for the exact same products. If you don’t want to pay more for the same product, you can access American prices even if you are shipping to Colombia. US retailers will not ship products to any address outside the US, but a package forwarding service will accept your purchase for you and then take the responsibility for forwarding the package to your country.

Shipping to Colombia is restricted by some American companies. If you want the privacy of purchasing online, but you need shipping to Colombia in order to receive your purchases, a package forwarding service is a great option. These services are cost-effective and very fast, but it is important to know the costs and customs processes involved before ordering a product from an American company.

By shipping to Colombia using a package forwarding service, customers can access reduced cost American products. Shipping items to Colombia is incredibly cost efficient. Customers can expect to pay much less than customers from other countries when shipping items to Colombia. The average price per weight for items shipped through a package forwarding service are:

  • $9.00 USD for the first pound of shipping weight
  • $4.00 USD for each additional pound of shipping weight
  • Fuel surcharge of 11% for all purchases

It is crucial to check with your local customs office to ensure that you are following shipping guidelines when shipping to Colombia. If you fail to pay duties charges or try to have an illegal item shipped to your Colombian address, you may lose the product and be unable to get a refund. Duties charges in Colombia are usually about 29% of the estimated value of the item being shipped. However, if you purchase a computer with a value not exceeding $1100.00 USD, the computer is exempt from taxation. Items which are prohibited for shipping to Colombia include weapons, alcohol, chemicals, drugs, fertilizers, pornography, war games, used clothing, tobacco and cigarettes, and much more.

Shipping to Colombia from the United States is a great way to access all your favorite American products without paying an exorbitant amount more from an international online store. With a package forwarding service, you can pay a minimal amount for shipping and get the products delivered right to your home country.

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