Fast and Dependable International Delivery Service Takes the Stress Out of Online Shopping

One would need a college degree in international business to know all of the customs,Fast and Dependable International Delivery Service duties, and taxes that exist in countries that are popular for online shopping.  But there are business services that take all of the guesswork and uncertainty out of this process allowing you to shop without reservation in the United States and other countries.  You can discover a whole new world of shopping without borders with a safe and secure international delivery service.

One international delivery service you should know about is Punto Mio.  When you shop online using their service, you also get a lot more than just an international delivery service.  They provide you with a virtual United States address so you can shop for all of your favorite name brands and save up to 80% off of shipping costs.  Punto Mio is also a tax-free zone and that means you’ll save 7% or more on purchases made in the United States.  They also offer delivery of your United States purchases online straight to your door within a matter of days, and this international delivery service is guaranteed so there is absolutely no risk to you.

With this international delivery service, you no longer have to wait for family and friends to travel to the United States to get the goods you want and they will not have to go through the hassle of customs inspections when they return home.  Other noteworthy perks include the handling of all customs clearances and duties, free returns for your purchases, and package tracking so you can find out where your order is 24/7.

If you are unsure about how to go about placing an order in the United States, Punto Mio has a step-by-step guide to help you and their web site has a mall and a marketplace that you can shop directly from.  They also have a dedicated affiliate manager who works hand-in-hand with the leading brands to get exclusive offers for members.  You can also receive more special deals by registering your email with Punto Mio.  You can feel completely secure with each and every purchase as all shipments are guaranteed against loss and damage.  Signing up with Punto Mio to get your very own United States shipping address only takes a few minutes and they also have online chat so you can get instant answers to any questions you may have.  Take the guesswork and risk out of online shopping with the international delivery service and other offers available with Punto Mio.

Everything You Need to Know about Shipping to El Salvador

Those looking to have goods bought on the internet shipped from the United States to theShipping to El Salvador from US central American country of El Salvador need a reliable and cost effective solution.  You can take the guesswork and hassle out of shipping to El Salvador with the help of Punto Mio.  Punto Mio knows everything about customs and pricing and can make the process of shipping to El Salvador smooth and seamless.

The duties involved in shipping to El Salvador are 15% plus 13% IVA.  Merchandise that has a value of less  than 200 United States dollars pays only 13% IVA.  Punto Mio has a calculator right on their web site that allows you to determine the shipping cost and duties on your items.  There is also a list of restricted items that includes medicine, food, weapons, sprays and more that is documented for you.

There is also a rates table for Greater San Salvador where depending on the weight of your package, you can see the exact shipping cost to you.  There is also another list for the rest of the country.  Packages for the most part cannot be consolidated unless you are buying more than one item from a store.  If you are buying more than one item from a store, you can make arrangements with them to consolidate the items.

You should also be aware that if a package has a dimensional weight that is greater than the actual weight, it is also taken into consideration in order to calculate the cost of shipping to El Salvador.  If this is the case on your package, you will be charged a reduced rate of $3 United States dollars for each additional kilo/lb.  Dimensional weight is calculated using this formula: length in inches * width in inches * height in inches/166.

There is also a weight restriction of 30 kilos that you need to be aware of.  If you have an item that needs shipping to El Salvador that is over this weight, you will need to contact Punto Mio to make special arrangements.  There is also a value limit of 2000 United States dollars, and special arrangements will also need to be made for shipping to El Salvador.  Again, with packages of this type special arrangements will need to be made with Punto Mio.

Any other questions can be answered by visiting the Punto Mio web site or calling their customer service phone line at (305) 436-6811.

Everything You Need to Know about Shipping to Ecuador

If you are shopping on the internet for goods in the United States from the South American international shipping ecuadorcountry of Ecuador, you are correct if you are concerned about the costs of shipping to Ecuador.  The very best way to shop with peace of mind and know that you will not get gouged is to use the services of Punto Mio, one of the most trusted package forwarding services in Latin America and they know all about customs and pricing.  They can help you get the very best rates on all shipping to Ecuador.

It is important to note that all packages that are under 4 kilos in weight or are valued less than 400 in United States dollars are exempt from taxes.  For all other packages, there is a handy calculator on Punto Mio’s web site that can be used to compute the exact cost of your shipment, including customs duties.  Is it also imperative that you know that since packages are processed immediately, they cannot be consolidated.  The exception to that rule is if you buy more than one item from a particular store, you will want to make arrangements with that store to consolidate the packages for you.  You should also be aware that a fuel surcharge may apply and this is explained in detail on the web site.

The shipping rates for the city of Quito are currently $15 on the first kilo, and $5 for each additional kilo.  The rest of country has rates of $17 for the initial kilo, and $6 for each additional kilo for shipping to Ecuador.  Buyers also need to know that there are items prohibited from shipping to Ecuador and they include plants, food, alcohol, and arms.  A complete list is available on the Punto Mio web site.

Buyers looking to have goods shipped to Ecuador should also know that if a package has a dimensional weight that is greater than the actual weight of the package, those dimensions are taken into account in calculating the charge for shipping.  If this is the case with your package, the dimension portion of your package will be billed at a discount rate of $3 per additional kilo.

If you have any additional concerns and questions that are not answered by the web site, you may call the Punto Mio customer service number at (305) 436-6811 at their home base in Miami, Florida and learn more about shipping to Ecuador.

Make the Most Out of Your Online Shopping Experience with Cheap International Shipping

Ordering goods from the internet has become more and more popular over the last cheap international shipping servicesdecade, growing at exponential rates.  And there are very good reasons for this phenomenon.  You can get just about anything you want online from the comfort of your home while avoiding bustling crowds and in most cases save significant money on sales taxes.  However; online shopping can be confusing for even the most internet-savvy shoppers when ordering goods and services from outside the borders of your country.  You should worry about prohibitive shipping costs when ordering from the United States and other points abroad.  If you are looking to order goods from the United States and elsewhere online, cheap international shipping is available and you can shop without borders and not worry about excessive shipping costs.  Read on and discover the secrets to get cheap international shipping on all of your online purchases.

By taking just a few minutes of your time to register online with a cross border shopping facility, you can take advantage of a number of very lucrative perks.  One such company that can save you a significant amount of shipping costs is Punto Mio. Punto Mio is a package forwarding service that allows you to establish a virtual tax-free address in the United States, resulting in shipping cost savings of up to 80%.  Punto Mio can deliver your goods right to your door within a matter of days.  They also take care of all customs and duties and since Punto Mio is a tax-free zone, you will save up to 7% and more in United States sales taxes in addition to getting cheap international shipping.

With this unique and easy to use package forwarding service, you no longer have to wait for friends and family to visit the United States to get the name brands that you really want.  You can shop with complete confidence from your home knowing you won’t be gouged on shipping costs, customs, and duties that can add up to be more than the price of your products.  With this service you also receive guaranteed delivery, free returns shipping, package tracking, information on local customs and duties, and online chat.  Why risk shopping on your own and losing money on exorbitant shipping costs, customs, and duties, when cheap international shipping can be guaranteed with an established package forwarding service like Punto Mio?